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Your Personal Brand

What is your brand? How do you want to package yourself to ensure lasting impression?
The session will help participants to define their personal brand, identify their personal mantra and understand what constitutes a brand.

Office Etiquette

This is an etiquette training course designed for organizations who wish to ensure that their employees are exposed to workplace expectations and workplace manners.
They will be able to learn Effective Communications using Email Etiquette, Mobile & Telephone protocol, Business speak… and more.


Succeeding in today’s global economy is oftentimes measured by your ability to wield power, mix and mingle like a head of state and build and sustain solid relationships like a seasoned CEO!
The organizational protocol training and etiquette program teaches diplomatic skills for those who are the public face of their organization.
We also cover how to receive & dine with visitors…and more.


Professional presence helps you to stand out in the crowd of emails, business meetings and social occasions.
The session will enable participants to develop multi-level relationships within partner firms that deliver mutually beneficial value

Whether you realize it or not, proper protocol can make or break a promising business relationship.
Participants will be able to nurture professional relationships and learn to turn contacts into contracts.


If you don’t look the part, it is hard to do the job to your best ability.
The dress-for-success training program covers what is and what is not acceptable to wear at work. Session also covers grooming, image management and more.
Because every workplace is different, we will tailor this program to meet your corporate dress guidelines. If you do not have guidelines, we can help you create them…and more.


A gentleman is defined by how he carries himself. This is an attainable character. We all aspire to be consistent in our display of acceptable manners. Workshop is intended to help you stand out by doing the right thing (Etiquette) and doing things rights( Protocol).
Clothing is the gentleman’s external reflection of mood and mode. We will help you make a personal statement and impact through first impressions…and more.


The table can be both an opportunity and a minefield. It’s a great stage from which to share your personal side and demonstrate the respect you hold for your client or prospect.
Business deals can be lost to mistakes made during a business meal. You do not want your employees to cause embarrassment to your organization for lack of table etiquette, protocol and manners.


This requires a coaching session. How do you clinch your dream
job? What makes you stand out among the other job applicants? How should you present yourself in the highest professional manner in the interview? This training will help you to get your foot in the door. Raw talent, education or experience and competence are no longer enough to get a job, keep a job and advance a job. Making interviews Powerful, Polished, Professional & Precise. Performing with Finesse and making an impact on your audience.

Public Speaking

This course helps participants to achieve composure in order to express themselves powerfully, succinctly and with clarity. How to make a powerful presentation and to ensure a captive audience?

New Job? Getting Started On The Right Foot!

New hire etiquette training is a course specifically designed for people just entering the workforce. It is ideal for orientation programs at large firms or a special program in smaller organizations.